Ski Corvara

Corvara is the main ski village in the area which is alternatively known as the Alta Badia ("high Badia") and which also includes the settlements of Colfosco, La Villa, San Cassiano and Pedraces - Badia.

Both Corvara and Colfosco lie on the main Sella Ronda route connecting to Selva and Arabba, while the other villages offer interesting side trips off the main tourist routes in the area.

Corvara History

Corvara is the latin name of the village and, unusually for the area, the German version Kurfar is rarely seen or heard. The village was first mentioned in the 12th century - named Kolfuschg at that time - and the name Corvara is believed to come from the Latin for raven "corvus". As with many villages in the area, winter and summer tourism really developed around the first lifts (although mountaineering in the area was already popular in the 19th century).

Corvara Today

Corvara is a bustling sprawling settlement of just under 1500 inhabitants. It lies at the foot of two passes, the Passo Gardena and Passo Campolongo, both of which are cleared during the winter (although closures may occur and winter equipment is necessary). Passo Campolongo is the connection through to Arabba, while Passo Gardena is the connection to Selva.

Colfosco ski resort

Colfosco, a smaller hamlet, is located on the way to the Passo Gardena, while La Villa and Pedraces are situated lower in the Val Badia to the north. San Cassiano is reached on the route east towards the Passo Valparola.

The Alta Badia area is known as one of the prestigious ski race venues on the World Cup circuit, with one of the most technically demanding giant slalom courses on the Gran Risa above La Villa.

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